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Why Is The IELTS Test So Popular?

The IELTS exam is by far the most popular language proficiency test in the world, and it has been that way almost since its inception, way back in 1989. If you need to take language proficiency test for work or migration purposes and are deciding on which language proficiency test to take, read on to find out why thousands of students each year opt for the IELTS exam.

The IELTS Test Is Widely Recognized

One of the major reasons that the IELTS exam is accepted by so many institutions and organizations than any other language test. The IELTS exam is recognized by 140 countries and over 9000 organizations over the globe. This is because the test is run by three organizations that are known all over the world for their integrity and high standards the test thoroughly assesses a person's L, W, R, and S skills and is held under strict exam conditions during each stage of its development. This means that the scores obtained by a candidate are an accurate reflection of a candidate’s language skills and abilities.

Strict IELTS Test Security Measures

IELTS test centers are bound to follow strict security protocols such as biometric, and photographic identification as well as having security cameras record every test and take strict rules about what is allowed in the test room. This ensures that there is no possibility of cheating during the exams.

The IELTS test content is developed by an international team of experts and undergoes extensive research to ensure that the test not only remains fair and unbiased, but relevant in today’s world as well.

The methods in which the test is developed and graded mean that it remains fair and unbiased regardless of the nationality, background, gender, or lifestyle of a candidate.

Easy And Secure IELTS Registration Process

Candidates can easily book their test online and pay using a credit or debit card. The process is simple and almost effortless.

IELTS Test Availability

The IELTS computer delivery test is available 365 days of the year, except for public holidays at a growing number of locations. Test results are available after 3 to 5 days of taking the exam. this fast response time is also a key factor in the IELTS exam’s popularity since many candidates need their IELTS results in order to proceed further with their visa applications or university admission.

By now you’ve released the IELTS exam is synonymous with integrity and fairness having a good IELTS score, indicates to institutions, immigration authorities, and even prospective employers that you have superior and valuable English language skills. You can view your IELTS score as a badge of honor, and a getaway to a wealth of opportunities all over the world.