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How To Stay Motivated For IELTS During The COVID 19 Pandemic

The sudden onset of the global pandemic, effectively put life on hold since the beginning of 2020. This includes many people’s plans to study or work abroad. If the global pandemic has distributed your IELTS test schedule and application plans, its hard not to feel demoralised. In this article, we will take a look at how to stay motivated while preparing for the IELTS exams during covid.

A Lack Of Direction

Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been on and off long periods of time during which people have been stuck indoors. Everyday seems to meld into one, with no clear distinction between them. Its often difficult to know which day it is let alone keep track of time. For this reason it can be difficult to must up the determination to continue studies or even perform other basic tasks.

Create A Study Plan 

To overcome this issue I recommend creating an organised study plan. Make a schedule that includes all four main components of the exam namely listening, writing, and speaking. Spread them out throughout the day and over a number of weeks. Arrange the subjects progressively so you can start things slow and also include specific times to assess the skills you have learned during your study.

What To Do When Your Test Has Been Delayed?

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest IELTS covid related change. Stay in touch with your chosen test centre, to find out if there have been any changes to the testing schedule or if new tests dates have been offered.

Continue To Practice

Above all do not stay idle. Try to continually work and improve on your skills by regularly practicing using authentic IELTS would be such a waste to have prepared thoroughly only to lose out on your desired score only because you were rusty from not practicing enough during lockdown. There is never a definite end to IELTS preparation and practicing.

Stick To Your Original Plans

Your IELTS test might be delayed during Covid but this does necessarily mean that you should put all your plans on hold. Most immigration authorities and universities  have made concessions about the dates for the application process due to the covid 19 pandemic. So don’t just assure that all is lost, keep in touch with the authorities and try to find a work around to all of the delays.

Enrol In An IELTS Course

Taking admission to an IELTS prep course can help you to stay focused on your study. You will be obligated to meet the daily goals that are set by the lecturer, and as a result your preparation will continue to move forward, even though the entire world has effectively been put on hold.