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IELTS Reading: How To Improve Your Reading Speed

Being able to read texts at great speed, while still being able to understand the content and meaning of the text. In this article, we will look at how to improve your reading speed for the IELTS reading test.

Why Is It Necessary To Improve Your Reading Speed

The reading module is 1 hour long and includes three reading passages which are on average 1 hour long. To add to this most of the texts are related to advanced academic with a high-level vocabulary. It is tough for even native speakers to be able to read and fully understand these passages in time and answer all the skills, therefore it would be very useful to be able to read text faster.

How To Improve your Reading Speed


Learn How To Chunk Words Together

When we focus on every single word or syllable, we tend to read at a much slower pace. It is better to focus on two/three word at a time.

Stop Reading Words Out Loud, Read Them In Your Mind

When you read a language, we tend to sound out the words in our minds. This means our reading speed is limited to the speed at which we speak. However, we do not really say out that word in our mind, we just naturally understand their meaning. We need to process English words in the same manner.

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Your reading speed will also naturally improve the more you read. By doing this you will become more familiar with how sentences are constructed and then you will also expose yourself to more advanced vocabulary.

Improve Your Vocabulary


If you have a wide range of vocabulary, you will reduce the number of times you have to stop to struggle with understanding unfamiliar words.