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How To Introduce Examples

Since each paragraph should only include 1 to 2 examples, you only need a few solid phrases to introduce them.

  • For example
  • For instance
  • To illustrate
  • Like
  • Such as
  • Namely

Try to make your examples as specific as possible. General arguments weaken your argument and do support your argument well enough. The best way to improve the believability of your argument is to include things like names, dates, or figures

For example, people are more likely to believe a fact if comes from a believable source, instead of general statement.

How Can You Come Up With Good Examples

the best to source examples is to look at your own life experiences. Remember if necessary you could also make up examples, since you will not be assessed on the content of your answer, but instead on you communicate your ideas.

The next step on your IELTS writing journey is to begin practicing. The best way to gain proper feedback on your proactive essays is to take the advice of a trained IELTS professional. A good teacher will not only be able to point out your mistakes, but they will also be able to help you improve on them.

In order to score well in the IELTS essay, students have to do more than just using high level vocabulary and complex grammar, they also have to be able to fully develop their arguments in respective to an essay question by extending their ideas with supporting details. This includes adding relevant examples.

However, many students are unaware to do this well enough. This helps you to score better in the Task Achievement criteria.

Why Is Using Examples Important In Essay Writing

Using examples makes it easier for the reader to understand your point of view. It allows you to explain complicated ideas in an easier to understand was, and this goes a long way to improve your coherence and cohesion scores.

When Should You Add Examples

Adding a list of examples without any proper structure or reasoning will not benefit your score in any way. In fact it might actually lower it. When adding examples its important to stick to the following paragraph format.

Every paragraph should start of with your main idea. The sentence that continues the main idea is called a topic sentence and all other information that is continued in that particular sentence should be related to that main idea. The next sentence should serve as an explanation of your main idea. And lastly to drive home the main idea you should include an example to illustrate your point.