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Expert Last-Min IELTS Test Prep Suggestions

As the day of your test looms closer and closer, you might feel your anxiety levels increasing, even if you have thoroughly prepared for the exam. While this is completely normal, there are some ways to overcome these feelings. It would be a shame to let your test day nervousness affect your score. In this article, we will look at a few last-minute things before you take your test, that has a big impact on your score.

Take A Practice Test

A few days before your test date, make sure that you take a complete practise test under strict exam conditions. This will help ease your mind and confirm whether you are sufficiently prepared or not. As always take a good and close look at any errors you might have made and think about why those errors were made. Take a quick refresher course in those sub-topics or question types by going over your notes on the subject.

Review Your Notes And Past Tests

Make sure to go through your previously prepared notes and practice tests. Pay particular attention to the areas in which you struggled with or commonly made mistakes. Keep these areas in mind when you sit for the exam.

Prepare Everything You Need For Your Test

The day before your exam gathers all the items that you are allowed to bring with you on test day. Doing this the day before the test will ensure that everything goes smoothly on your test day. You would not want to be in a panicked state just because you forgot where you put your passport or you forgot to buy the necessary stationery needed for the test. Make sure that you have your ID, photo, registration number and water ready. No other forms of beverages are allowed into test centres apart from water, so it is important to bring a clear bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Relax The Day Before Your Test

Do not study or cram the day before your test, this will only add to your anxiety. Make sure that you are well-rested and that you get good night’s sleep so that you will be able to focus and think clearly when you take your exam. Cramming before the exam will only confuse you more since you might not be able to conclusively comprehend whatever you are studying.

Eat Well Before The Test

The morning before the test, make sure you have a good breakfast well. Remember the IELTS exam has no breaks in between and you will be required to sit for the entirety of the test, without being to eat anything in between.

Above all, it is important to stay confident and enthusiastic. Do not let your anxiety about the test overwhelm you. If you have any further questions about the IELTS test, feel free to leave a comment below.