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Get Your IELTS 7.0 Without Having To Resit The Test Over And Over Again

By Analysing Over 500 Authentic IELTS Essay Questions, A Highly Qualified and Experienced IELTS Coach Created the IELTS University 5-Step Total Writing Mastery System Which Has Produced Hundreds Of Success Stories And Was Even Able To Help A Student Who Failed The IELTS 15 Times Achieve a 7.0!!

From The Desk of Jonathan Koh, Founder & Teacher at IELTS University

You and I both know this…

Opportunities for a better life, career and education for your family are EVERYWHERE in developed countries.

But the reality is this…


  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fully qualify for Permanent Residency in any country?
    Instead of putting in a huge amount of time and effort applying for multiple job positions in multiple countries, going for several rounds of interviews, only to find out at the last minute that you do not meet the minimum IELTS score required and get rejected.
  • What if you could laser focus and apply for just a handful of jobs you really want...                      
    without having to keep your fingers crossed?
  • And imagine this...
    Wouldn’t it be nice having more money left over every month even AFTER you’ve sent home half your income to your family, and after you’ve settled your monthly living expenses?

The Only Thing Standing Between You And Living And Working In Your Dream City or Country Is The Failure To Achieve a 7.0 For The IELTS

Over the last 8 years, having coached over a thousand students, I’ve noticed a pattern.

Most fail the writing component, because it’s the most difficult out of the 4 – reading, writing, listening, speaking.

Therefore, One Of The Main Focuses Of My IELTS Coaching Involves Helping You Score At Least 7.0 In Writing Task #2 Of The Writing Component

We’re able to do that because IELTS University has already done all the hard work for you!

This video below is part of a FREE 4-Part Video Series that focuses on getting IELTS 7.0 for Writing. I go much, much more in depth in my IELTS Classes.

Our Total Writing Mastery System address the 5 main challenges students like you face in Writing Task #2.

Our students are having such massive success with our proprietary writing system and templates because they help you to effortlessly ace your essay with any of the 7 different IELTS essay question types.

Right now, you can get your hands on 1 of these 7 templates.
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IELTS University’s Writing Templates And Coaching Work So Well Because It Is Based On Research And Experience

After analysing every single essay question (over 500+) over the past four years...

…we’ve noticed that there’s only 7 types of IELTS essay questions you will encounter in Writing Task #2.

95% of all IELTS essays come from these 7 types, 3 of them are extremely common and every student should definitely prepare for them.

Highly qualified teacher to guide you through the preparation:

  • Partner and Masterclass IELTS teacher at IDP (Co-Owner of the IELTS Exam)
  • Highly Qualified English Teacher - with a University of Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification
  • Helped hundreds of students pass their IELTS exam
  • Taught students from over 20 nations

Who is This For?

  • If you’ve always struggled with completing your essay before the time is up, this is going to help you save time.
  • If you’ve often been penalised due to careless grammar mistakes, this template is going to help you minimize your grammatical mistakes.
  • If you’re always stuck when it comes to producing ideas to make your essay stand out, this template will help you expand your vocabulary.
  • If an examiner has ever marked you down for submitting an essay that didn’t seem to make sense, this template is going to help you organise your thoughts into an essay that flows coherently.
  • If you’ve ever been caught by surprise and forced to write an essay type you have not prepared for, this template is going to give you more time to prepare for all 7 essay types in future.

If We Can Help Even The Weakest Students, Then Surely We Can Help You

Andi took the exam 15 times over 2 years before enrolling in my class. He never got 7.0 for Writing in his previous 15 attempts, but he finally got 7.0 after attending just two of my Writing classes.

If he had attended my IELTS classes before he took his first IELTS test, he probably could have saved about S$5000 (that’s how much 15 IELTS exams cost!) and 2 years of his life!

He failed 15 times and wasted $5000 on just the exam fees, because of the writing component.

Just imagine how much money, time and disappointment these templates could potentially save you.

You should see why it’s a good deal even at $1500.

Most students would have jumped at the opportunity, considering the fact that it could potentially save you from wasting over $2000 in exam and course fees.

However, it is only going to be $500 so that it can be within the reach of most people. That way, I can help as many people as I can.

My Class Package consists of a total of 36 hours of teaching in total for $500 – less than $14 per hour! For the enormous value you get, you won’t find this sort of price in any other class in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my desired score after attending your classes?

Is 4 weeks of classes enough?

How do I know when I'm ready to take the exam?

Will my Writing tasks be marked?

What's the difference between your IELTS classes and others?

Can I still contact you for help after the 4 weeks of classes?

Will I be able to book the exam immediately after your classes?

Again, Here’s What You’re Going To Get (in addition to the full 7 version of the writing templates When You Become a Student of mine

  • My Super-Ninja Writing Templates (Full Version!). I'm so proud of this and my students absolutely love these templates.

    This is probably the most valuable set of notes in all of my classes – and my students’ secret weapon for doing well in their writing. It’s an original creation by me and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s taken me over 5 years to create this and this set of notes alone has been responsible for helping many of my students ace their essay writing.
    This is what one student said of my templates. She got 6.5 for writing before she came to me but attained 7.0 after using my templates.

    She wrote: “I screwed up my reading….Felt so depressed, wanted to walk out of the hall without doing the writing. I had no confidence answering the task 2 question but I followed your template…so I’m glad I stayed.” (Click Here To Read Her Message)
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    3 deadly careless mistakes related to question analysis made by even high level IELTS students that can result in you not addressing all parts of your Writing Task and thus failing to achieve 7.0.
  • One important strategy related to practicing your IELTS writing that has enabled students to write in a less stressful manner!
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    My “SWAC Formula” that consists of 4 easy methods that you can use in your introduction and/or conclusion to paraphrase sentences and ideas.

    In addition, find out the one common mistake amateur students make in relation to paraphrasing and what can be done about it. (Hint: it relates to using “synonyms” carelessly.)
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    A simple but detailed formula to ensure that you won’t write too few words or too many words for your IELTS essay.
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    A step-by-step detailed approach to writing every sentence in your essay – in the introduction, body and conclusion.

    Learn this and you will never be confused about what to write for each part of your IELTS essay. I’ve made it so easy that even a 7-year-old can follow!
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    How to support the main ideas in your essay without thinking too much and spending too much time.

    My “FTI REAR Technique” makes it effortless for students to do this!
    A list of verbs (I call them “Power Result Verbs”) to make your writing more complex and interesting.

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    7 types of IELTS essay questions that you will encounter –

    a result of analysing every single essay question (over 500+) in the past four years (2015 to 2018). 95% of IELTS essays come from these 7 types. 3 of them are extremely common and every student should definitely prepare for them.
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    The 12 most common Grammar and Vocabulary IELTS mistakes that students make.

    This is a result of an in-depth analysis I conducted with hundreds of my IELTS students over a 5-year period.
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    2 seldom taught high-level Vocabulary Skills that...

    according to one student, helped him “understand English in a totally different way as compared to before.” I know of no teacher that teaches these 2 important skills the way I do – with great detail and application to IELTS Writing.
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    Why language rules for English are not fixed and how it can change.

    Understanding this will help you to understand how languages and English work.
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    Probably the most common grammar mistake, yet also the easiest to correct.
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    The biggest, yet almost universally unappreciated, reason why every IELTS student should be using a good dictionary when practicing their Writing.

    NO, this is not because they don’t know the definitions of words! I also tell my students:

    •  The 4 best mainstream dictionaries that every student can use online for free.
      What’s so bad about bilingual dictionaries.
      1 powerful but little-known dictionary that will help you improve your English (My students love this one and they use it a lot even after my classes)
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    Why 90% of all my students would write a WRONG sentence like...

    …“My father discourages me to migrate to America.” (Yes, you probably think there’s nothing wrong with the sentence and when I explain the mistake to you, I guarantee that you’ll start seeing and understanding English in a different way)
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    Why the majority of students who read a lot in English never improve their Grammar and Writing.

    (If you’ve been told that reading will improve your English automatically, you’ve been deceived. I demonstrate this in class and I’ll explain what you need to change in your reading in order to improve your English)

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  • Sample answers for Writing Task #1 and #2
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  • Bonus for first 50 who request for the template: Free IELTS Mock Test to find out your IELTS band score

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