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440+ Testimonials (IELTS Passes)*

* Number of students who have passed the IELTS Exam after attending IELTS University's IELTS Classes (updated every few months).

IELTS Class Recordings (Discounted Price): I will be taking a break from IELTS teaching from June 2022 onwards. I am not sure when I'll return to face-to-face IELTS teaching.

However, you are able to purchase the recordings of my past teachings - with all my notes, additional teaching videos, etc (see price below).

You will get exactly (i.e. all the materials, additional homework, additional teaching videos) what every student of mine got for the face-to-face classes - except that the classroom teaching portion would be on videos. Everything else would exactly be the same.

Do note that my IELTS classes are very intensive. I cover all 4 components of the IELTS exam - Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. There are hundreds of pages of notes and a lot of homework (which includes Grammar and Vocabulary homework).

I've been teaching IELTS for 10 years and over 400 students have passed IELTS after taking my classes (see below):

The reason my students are able to get such results is because of my teaching materials and also because I push students to work hard by giving them a lot of additional homework to do.

Passing IELTS for most people is not easy. Most people fail more than once before they pass - as they are not fully prepared. That is why my preparation classes are intensive (and consist of a lot of hours of work) and if you want to be more fully prepared you would need to do all the homework that I provide - and not just go through the class teachings.

Here's what is included:

Main Class Teaching:
- about 12 hours of class recordings (3 hours or so for each of the 4 components - Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing)
- 200+ pages of Class Notes for the 4 components

Additional Homework Teaching:
- 20+ hours of additional video teachings for homework (which will cover also Grammar and Vocabulary)
- A few more hundred pages of exercises / activities for homework

The cost of my face-to-face IELTS classes before (when I was teaching face-to-face classes) was $600. But for a limited period, I will be selling my class recordings (and all the notes and other teachings included) for just S$250.

WhatsApp me now at +65 9768 1054 to discuss more.

NEW (From September 2020 Onwards)

Attend a Free 2-Hr Live IELTS Masterclass on Zoom to get the most comprehensive introduction to the IELTS exam where you can ask questions about IELTS and my IELTS classes. WhatsApp Jonathan at +65 9768 1054 with the words "I'm interested in your IELTS Masterclass" and the Zoom link will be sent to you.