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My 4-Hr IELTS Masterclass Video

Updated: Apr 2024

I just resumed teaching my Face-To-Face IELTS Preparation Classes in Singapore - from February 2023. Click the button below to find out more.

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0:00 Introduction to IELTS Masterclass Workshop
6:31 Two Images
7:27 About Jonathan of IELTS University
16:46 Introduction To The IELTS Exam
22:30 Why 60% Of People Fail IELTS On Their First Attempt (And Over And Over Again!)
31:01 3 Components Of Proper IELTS Prepration (& The Amount Of Time You Should Spend On Each One!)
43:14 2 Different Approaches TO IELTS Preparation (Smart Work vs. Hard Work)
1:09:45 IELTS Listening
1:26:47 IELTS Reading
1:43:56 IELTS Speaking
1:58:10 IELTS Writing
2:09:36 Why The Mock Test Method Doesn’t Work [Speaking and Writing]
2:18:19 Smart Work Strategies (SWS) [Speaking and Writing]

Jonathan's Online IELTS Classes:
- 3:13:49 3 Philosophical Differences In Approach To IELTS Preparation And Teaching That Differentiate Jonathan’s IELTS Class From Other IELTS Classes
- 3:18:40 Current Online IELTS Class better than previous F2F Class in 5 ways
- 3:20:10 Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary (LRWS&GV) teachings – 35 Hours+ Videos & 400+ Pages of Notes (Templates, etc.)
- 3:22:24 Grammar & Vocabulary
- 3:26:56 Quality & Uniqueness of Teaching Materials
- 3:29:29 New Teachings Added Regularly [Sneak Peak Level 4 IELTS Essay Template – Solutions Sentence Template]
- 3:42:24 Not teaching to the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator)
- 3:49:11 Total Study Time Needed: 40 to 100 hours
- 3:53:10 Fortnightly Zoom Classes
- 3:54:53 My WhatsApp Number To Ask Any Questions
- 3:55:27 Cost of Online IELTS Classes – Includes Price Comparison Table with other IELTS Classes in Singapore
- 4:00:28 7 other factors to consider besides Cost
- 4:08:01 Most important consideration: Results of Students
- 4:10:18 List of Vocabulary (Idioms) vs Smart Work Strategies (SWS) with MHBU

4:16:44 Get Handouts
4:17:31 Get FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Video

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