Finished Class - IELTS University (Singapore)

Thank You For Attending My Class

Thank you for attending my IELTS classes! I hope you have learned a lot from them.

I want to leave you with some last pieces of advice and also share some other pieces of information that may help you in your IELTS preparation.

Do Your Homework

Please make sure you do as much of your homework as possible. The homework is designed to help you improve and is as important as the classes itself.

Save Grace's Whatsapp Number To Your Contact List

You should have already received a Whatsapp from Grace (+65 8530 0250). As you know, she's helping me with some administrative matters. I will be getting her to send some free IELTS materials regularly through Whatsapp Broadcast but you'll only receive them if her number is saved in your contact list so please do so now if you haven't already done so.

Don’t Book Your Exam Unless You’re Ready

If you haven’t booked your IELTS exam yet, please don’t book it until you are sure you are ready and prepared to get the score you want. The exam costs over S$360 – it’s not cheap. Unless you are sure that you’re going to get the score you’re targeting, please don’t waste your money!

Booking Your IELTS Exam with IDP

When you’re ready, I recommend that you book your IELTS exam with IDP. As I’m a partner of IDP, if you book your IELTS exam with IDP, I know the people there so I may be able to help you if you encounter any problems.

[Also, if you book your IELTS exam with IDP, you can also get this gift that I’m offering: 3 mindmaps of good pieces of “less common vocabulary” that will help you in both your IELTS Writing and Speaking. This is part of an online IELTS Vocabulary course (see below for more information)]

Go to this website to find out how to register for the IELTS exam with IDP and how to get your free mindmaps:

IELTS Vocabulary Mastery Online Course

For those interested in more Topic Specific Vocabulary for IELTS Writing (and Speaking), you may be interested in an online IELTS Vocabulary course I created with a partner of mine.

This course includes about 3 hours of teaching videos and 12 mindmaps of vocabulary on the 12 most common topical areas – that’s over 300 vocabulary phrases relevant to both your IELTS Writing and Speaking. Also included are 12 model essays (based on these 12 topical areas) written using these phrases.

You can find out more information about the course here: IELTS Vocabulary Mastery

S$30 Off: Purchase Within 1 Week of Your Last IELTS Class

The normal price of this is S$77, but if you purchase it within 7 days of your last IELTS class, you can get it at S$30 off. Just Whatsapp Grace at +65 8530 0250 and let her know when was your last class.

For example, if your last class is 13th January, if you want the discount, please contact Grace by 20th January (7 days).

Immigration Agent

Many of you have asked me if I know any immigration agent that can help you to move to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. If you don’t have an agent currently and are looking for one, just Whatsapp me (+65 9768 1054) and I’ll put you in touch with a good immigration agent.

Refer A Friend And Get $50!

If you’ve benefited from my IELTS Classes and refer a friend to me, if he/she signs up for my class, you’ll get $50! Again, you can Whatsapp me to find out more!

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Classes - September 22nd 2019

I will be starting my next batch of classes for the PTE Academic test on 22nd September 2019. If you know anyone who is interested in taking the PTE exam, do ask the person to Whatsapp me!

If you want to attend my PTE class, as you've already attended my IELTS class, you will get a discount of $200 (it will cost $300 instead of $500). You can go to this webpage to find out more about my PTE classes: