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Updated: June 2024

Need some IELTS Reading Practice Tests to help you prepare for the IELTS Reading exam? Want to find out your IELTS Reading score before taking the exam?

These practice tests include two of the most difficult question types in IELTS:

1) Matching Headings


2) True / False / Not-Given
(OR Yes / No / Not-Given)

Whether you're doing Academic (AC) or General Training (GT) IELTS, there are about 10 different types of IELTS Reading questions in total:

10 Different IELTS Reading Question Types

1) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

2) True / False / Not-Given (OR Yes / No / Not-Given)

3) Matching Information

4) Matching Headings

5) Matching Features

6) Matching Sentence Endings

7) Sentence Completion

8) Summary, Note, Table, Flow-Chart Completion

9) Diagram Completion

10) Short Answers

However, out of all of these 10 different question types, it is universally acknowledged that the "Matching Headings" and "True / False / Not-Given (OR Yes / No / Not-Given)" types are the most difficult.

It is therefore important that you make sure that your IELTS Reading Practice Tests include these two different type of questions.

Matching Headings

True / False / Not-Given

Click below to get some free IELTS Reading Practice Tests with answers included: