Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I get my desired score after attending your classes?

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get your desired score after attending my IELTS classes. That would be dishonest to do so. Whether you’ll get your desired score after my classes depends on a few factors:

  1. What your level is now
  2. How much effort you put in during and after my IELTS classes (I give a lot of homework and a lot of additional videos that students need to go through in order to improve)
  3. What is your desired score

Every student is different. But if you do everything I tell you to do and do all the work that I give you, you will improve and have a higher chance of getting your desired score.

Is 4 weeks of classes enough?

Most of my students don’t take the exam after 4 weeks of my class. I always tell them that the most important thing is to be prepared before the exam because the IELTS exam is not as easy as students think.

I teach a lot during my 4 weeks of class and because most students are working adults, they don’t have enough time during the 4 weeks to do all the homework and watch all the additional teaching videos. So they normally take at least a few months of self-study with my materials and teachings even after they attend my classes. It’s important to be prepared before you take the IELTS exam.

How do I know when I’m ready to take the exam?

When you attend my classes, you will be taught what the examiners are looking for and as you go through my teachings and your homework, you will also know what your level is. You will then understand when you’re ready to take the exam. My advice to all students is not to book the IELTS exam yet as it is more difficult than most students think.

Will my Writing tasks be marked?

Yes, my partner, who is an ex-IELTS Writing examiner (she used to mark the Writing tasks for the IELTS organization) will be marking two of your Writing submissions (each writing submission consists of 1 Task 1 and 1 Task 2). She will be correcting your mistakes and also giving you an IELTS score.

The unique thing about this is that this will all be done in video. So you’ll see your writing actually corrected and marked in video. All of my students find their video marking extremely beneficial!

What’s the difference between your IELTS classes and other IELTS classes?

I’ve been teaching IELTS for nearly 10 years. Around 5-6 years ago, I decided to specialize in teaching IELTS. Because of this specialization, I thoroughly understand the exam and what’s needed to help students achieve their desired score.

Because my focus has only been on the IELTS exam for the past 5+ years, I’ve created a lot of very helpful IELTS materials and strategies which are extremely unique and which you’ll not find elsewhere – especially for the Writing component.

Also, I’ve helped more than 300 students pass the exam after attending my IELTs classes. I have 300+ real testimonials of students on my website. Probably many others have passed but haven’t gotten back to me so the number would be higher.

Out of the 300+, many students attended other IELTS classes and failed the exam (especially the Writing component) many times before coming to my classes, after which they finally passed. For example, Marwandi failed 15 times, Winston and Joyce failed 8 times and Martin and another Joyce failed 4 times. All of them finally passed after attending my classes.

However, please note that I can’t and do not guarantee that students will get their desired score. So please don’t come to me thinking that you will definitely pass after attending my classes. You will need to put in a lot of hard work too!

What happens after the 4 weeks of class? Can I still contact you for help?

Yes, students regularly contact me after my classes. Every student has my Whatsapp mobile number and can ask me any questions. Also, many students regularly ask for more work related a specific area even after their classes end.

Where can I get more in-depth information about what you teach in your classes?

You can go to to watch a video about what I teach in my classes. Also, you can go to to read more about what I teach in each individual class. 

As I’m always improving my materials and creating more and better notes and aids to help my students improve even more, not everything I teach will be mentioned there. Currently (October 2018), I’m working on a much better strategy and materials for my Reading, Listening and Speaking classes, as well as much better vocabulary material for the Writing component.

Will I be able to book the exam immediately after your classes? I want to book the exam immediately after so whatever I learn in class is still fresh in my mind.

It is important to understand that you should focus on preparation first and not think about booking your exam yet. This is because the exam is more difficult than people think. Some students may be ready to take the exam immediately after, but for most students, this will not be the case. You’ll understand your level as you go through my classes and so you’ll understand when exactly you’ll be ready when you attend my classes.

Most students will realize that they would need to continue to self-study with my materials and homework and additional teaching videos even after my 4 weeks of classes. After coming to my classes, many students will go through and apply my study materials for at least a few months before taking the exam. Therefore, don’t book your exam yet. Focus on preparation if you are serious about passing on your first try.