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I just resumed teaching my Face-To-Face IELTS Preparation Classes in Singapore - from February 2023. Click the button below to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About My Online IELTS Class

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0:00 1) Why did you stop teaching Face-To-Face (F2F) Classes? [What’s the difference between your previous F2F Classes and your current Online IELTS Classes?] (Watch This – Very Important!)
25:36 2) What is Jonathan’s experience with teaching IELTS?
29:18 3) Attending a F2F class is better as I’ll be more disciplined, right?
35:01 4) In your opinion, what things should I consider when choosing which IELTS Class is best for me?
56:18 5) Why is your IELTS Class so cheap?
1:02:07 6) Why do so many people fail their IELTS exam?
1:15:43 7) Is taking your Online Class enough to pass IELTS and can you guarantee that I will pass?
1:19:17 8) When’s the best time to start your Online Class? Now or in a few months’ time?
1:24:17 9) Why do you have so many testimonials on IELTS Writing? Do you teach only Writing?
1:29:00 10) I have failed IELTS X times. How can I ensure I pass the next time I take it and not waste another US$250?
1:33:38 11) Can’t I just do self-preparation for IELTS with a cheap IELTS book?
1:38:30 12) Your Online Class is so cheap that I’m thinking of paying for one of those more expensive (S$500 – S$1,500) F2F Class and also purchasing your Online Class. What do you think of that?

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