The Essay Template Formula (ETF) Workshop - IELTS University (Singapore)

The 2-Hr IELTS Essay Template Formula (ETF) Workshop:

Updated: Jun 2024

I just resumed teaching my Face-To-Face IELTS Preparation Classes in Singapore - from February 2023. Click the button below to find out more.

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0:00 The IELTS Essay Template Formula (ETF)
3:11 6 Things You’ll Learn In This Workshop
3:53 12 Other Things You’ll Learn In This Workshop
7:22 Jonathan’s IELTS Writing Teaching Journey
9:25 Two Revelations About IELTS and IELTS Writing (Including The Number Of Hours Of Study Needed To Improve By 1 IELTS Band Score)
14:00 Who Is Jonathan? (Jonathan’s IELTS Teaching Experience)
17:07 The Learner-Centered Educational Philosophy – And Why It Sucks When Taking An Exam!
18:37 Show Vs. Tell
19:57 Introducing Essay Templates
20:56 Levels 1 to 3 Essay Templates
28:41 Not Magic, Not Memorizing
29:53 5 Steps To Creating Your Own Level 3 Great IELTS Essay Templates
32:56 Step 1: Recognize Different IELTS Essay Question Types
34:52 Step 2: Choose One Essay Question Type And Write Out The Essay Structure In Detail (Level 1)
38:25 Step 3: For That Essay Type, Decide Which Parts Can Be Pre-Written And Write Them (Level 2)
43:05 Step 4: Spend Time Improving These Pre-Written Words, Phrases And Sentences
46:40 Step 5: Create Alternative Vocabulary
47:18 Real Life Case Study Of An Application Of Templates – 1st And Last Paragraph – How These Templates Can Help Students Improve Their Writing
50:44 3 Warnings About Creating and Using IELTS Essay Templates
55:55 Recap Of The Five Steps
57:56 Too Much Hard Work?
59:51 Get Templates For Free With Jonathan’s Online IELTS Classes
1:02:34 Why 60%-80% Of Students Fail Their IELTS Exam On Their First Try And Many Fail IELTS Over And Over Again?
1:06:52 Insanity: Doing The Same Thing Over And Over And Expecting Different Results
1:07:30 The Curse Of The “Unknown Unknowns” (CUU) – Explaining the 4 Quadrants Of Knowledge
1:10:56 Why Perpetual Failure In IELTS Occurs?
1:14:10 These 3 Different Ways Of Studying Will Determine How Long You Take To Improve In Your IELTS Score
1:15:34 The Number 1 Deadly Sin Of IELTS Preparation
1:24:42 Cutting Short Your IELTS Preparation Time
1:28:30 5 Ways Jonathan’s Online IELTS Classes Are Better Than His Previous Face-To-Face Classes
1:39:33 Sneak Peek Into New Teaching Materials (Level 4 IELTS Essay Template) That Jonathan Is Creating Now That Will Be Free For His Students
1:46:45 Price Table Comparing Jonathan’s IELTS Classes With Other IELTS Classes In Singapore
1:50:50 3 Ways Jonathan’s Online IELTS Classes Are Unique And Different From Other IELTS Classes
1:59:00 4 Ways Online Classes Are Better Than Face-To-Face (F2F) Classes
2:13:35 Who These Classes Are NOT For
2:18:44 When You Should Start Your IELTS Classes
2:19:05 3 Reasons People Start Their IELTS Preparation Too Late
2:22:17 3 Deadly Results Of Starting Your IELTS Preparation Too Late
2:24:26 Free 4-Hour IELTS Masterclass Workshop Link

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