Student Enrollment - IELTS University (Singapore)

Thanks For Registering

If you’ve reached this webpage, you should already have added my contact number (+65 9768 1054) to your contact list on your mobile. Please do this immediately if you’ve not already done so as you will not receive important Whatsapp Broadcast messages if you don’t do this!

Here are the rest of the things you need to A) do or B) take note of:

A) Please DO the following:

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    Read Your Class Introduction Email: I already sent you a class introduction email with the subject “IELTS University Classes (Starting…)”. Please check now to see if you’ve received it. If you didn't, please check all your folders (including your SPAM folder) and let me know through Whatsapp if you don't find it!
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    Save Administrative Whatsapp Number: Because I want to focus on my teaching (and creating better IELTS materials), a colleague of mine, Grace, will be in charge of some administrative matters. After your first class, you will probably be receiving a Whatsapp message from her (+65 8530 0250).

    Among other things, I will be using that number to send students regular IELTS materials even after your classes are over (e.g. recent IELTS Writing and Speaking questions that have appeared in the exam, new model Essays, etc.). As these messages will be sent through Whatsapp Broadcast, you'd need to save this number to your contact list if you want to receive these materials. So please save this number (+65 8530 0250) to your contact list now. You can save it under the name "IELTS University Admin Number".

    Do note that for any scheduling and class matters, still use my own number to contact me.
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    Enrolment Form: Fill up this enrolment form. My recommendation is that you fill it up on a computer/laptop - if you have one - and not your mobile because there will be questions in the latter part of the form that will require you to write some paragraphs for me and it’s easier on a computer/laptop.
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    Facebook Account: If you happen to have a facebook account, go to and MESSAGE me there and write "I just registered for your IELTS classes. Thanks!" (Ignore this if you don't have a Facebook account)
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    Your Picture: Please Whatsapp me your picture of yourself (This is for registration purposes. Don't worry, I won't be using the picture for anything else!)
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    Pre-Class Homework: Below is a link to a document with the homework you should try and do before you start your classes. However, if you don’t have time, don't worry. This is to get you started focusing on your preparation. You don't have to bring your homework to the class. You will understand how your homework will be corrected when I address that particular component in the particular class.


B) Please TAKE NOTE OF the following:

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    Class Location: My normal classroom location is at Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 239924. This is 3 minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT(NE 6 / NS24 / CC 1). The exact room may differ from week to week, but it would be on Level 2 or level 5

    Here’s a map with more detailed directions on how to get there:
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    Please be familiar with the location of the classroom and how to get there before the day of the class itself! Many students call me just before the class starts and ask me for directions. I won't be able to explain to all the students the exact directions as I would be preparing for the class so please make sure you're familiar with the location before you come. The link above will also help you to find where the class is.

    PS: Very occasionally (a few times a year), the class location may change and if so I’ll update you always on Friday before your class through Whatsapp.
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    Pay The Rest Of The Fees: If you’ve not paid the rest of the class fees, please be prepared to come to class 20 minutes earlier – and look for me at the front of the class – to pay the rest of the fees. Please make sure you bring cash (or you could also bring your token to do the transfer through your mobile there). There will be some work for you to do before the class starts – so come to class earlier. I will start the class on time.
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    Homework Email: After every class, I will be sending you an email with your homework for that class and additional teaching videos for you to go through. It is your responsibility to do your homework and watch the additional teaching videos if you really want to improve. 
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    Do Not Book Your IELTS Exam Yet!: I strongly recommend that you do not book your IELTS exam yet unless you have an urgent deadline you need to meet. Your focus should be on preparing and improving your English level in order to get your targeted IELTS score. Most students take the exam too early and fail and they waste their time and money. Don't do that!

    During the classes you'll be able to roughly know your IELTS level. Only book the exam when you're ready. And when you book the IELTS exam, I recommend doing so at IDP. I've written an article about how to book your IELTS exam at IDP online:

    How To Register Online For The IELTS Exam At IDP