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You can watch this video to  understand what I teach in my IELTS classes:

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View my IELTS Class Schedule (which also gets more in depth into exactly what I teach): http://www.ieltsuniversity.com/schedule/

Read 400+ testimonials from students  who passed their IELTS exam after attending my classeshttp://www.ieltsuniversity.com/testimonials/ 

Read 35+ testimonials from students who improved their Writing score by between 0.5 and 2.0 and passed their Writing only after attending my classes: http://www.ieltsuniversity.com/writing-improvement/)

Read feedback from students who have attended my IELTS classes: http://www.ieltsuniversity.com/class-feedback/

NEW (From September 2020 Onwards)

Attend a Free 2-Hr Live IELTS Masterclass on Zoom to get the most comprehensive introduction to the IELTS exam where you can ask questions about IELTS and my IELTS classes. WhatsApp Jonathan at +65 9768 1054 with the words "I'm interested in your IELTS Masterclass" and the Zoom link will be sent to you.

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