4-Part Video Series to Writing an IELTS 7.0 Essay - IELTS University (Singapore)

How to get ielts 7.0 for ielts writing (Free 4-part video Course)

How this 4-part video course will help you get 7.0:

  • 1) IELTS Essay Structure
    Learn exactly how to structure a 4 paragraph IELTS essay that meets what the IELTS examiners are looking out for.
  • 2) Cohesion 
    Understand what Cohesion and Cohesive Devices are and how you can use them to get Band 7.0 for your IELTS Writing!
  • 3) Vocabulary
    Learn more about Collocations and Word Patterns, which will help you write more naturally like Native Writers.
  • 4) Grammar
    Understand the top 10 grammar mistakes that IELTS students make and eradicate them so you can get 7.0.